If I buy a game on Epic Games now, can I install it later?

If I buy a game on Epic Games now, can I install it later?

Understanding The Flexibility Of Purchasing Games On Epic Games Store

One of the beautiful things about being a modern-day game player is the flexibility and convenience that online gaming stores like Epic Games provide. I remember those days I would have to drag my feet - against the advice of my Siamese cat, Fluffy - just to get a new game from the physical store several blocks away. Fortunately, these taxing trips are things of the past. With online stores like Epic Games, you can buy a game with just a few clicks while being cozy on your couch, sipping your favorite morning tea, with Scout, my Beagle, lazing around my feet. But this is only half the spectacle.

After buying a game online, a lot of folks wonder: "If I buy a game on Epic Games now, can I install it later?". Well, my dear readers, your guess is as good as mine - yes, you absolutely can! Epic Games, bless their gamer-loving hearts, have made it possible for you to purchase a game and install it at your convenience. This feature might sound mundane, but in reality, it is a blessing in disguise, especially for those, like me, who juggle between chasing Fluffy, making sandwiches for their kids (say hello to Leander and Isolde) and 105 other things. But before we dive into the world of downloading and installing games later, let's unpack the Epic Games Store system, shall we?

Unfolding The Epic Games Store Platform

One needs to comprehend how the Epic Games Store functions to appreciate the liberty it accords gamers. The Epic Games platform, as you may know, is a digital video game storefront for Microsoft Windows and macOS, operated by Epic Games. It is much more than a simple marketplace for buying games. It’s a full suite that deals with game distribution, communication with your friends, and even in-game creation tools in games like Fortnite. Imagine an all-knowing oracle that anticipates your every gaming need - that's the Epic Games Store for you.

The platform stands out for its objectives: encouraging competition, enabling direct game developer interaction, and offering an affordable platform. Moreover, it’s a treasure trove that shines with its extensive library hosting popular titles ranging from the Fortnite phenomenon to indie darlings like Hades.

Grappling With The Mechanics Of Purchasing Games

Once you've traversed through the myriad titles and finally zero in on your game of choice (a daunting task I assure you), the buying process is surprisingly straightforward. You just need to select the game, add it to your cart, zip through the payment process and voilà, it's all done! But little do others know that after buying, you're not hurried into downloading the game immediately. This is where the "buy now, install later" question starts to make sense.

The Epic Games Store acknowledges that you might not be ready to relinquish your computer's resources to a hefty download after you purchase a game. Maybe you're in the middle of a work-from-home meeting. Or perhaps, your young explorer Leander is in the throes of yet another virtual adventure, or Isolde needs the PC for her online painting classes. The point is: life happens. And your Epic Games purchase doesn't have to append itself as an additional task right away.

Decoding The 'Download Now, Install Later' Feature

"Install later" - these two words are music to my ears. Why? Because this is a tremendous perk for people who have to manage their time and resources judiciously. Once you buy a game on the Epic Games platform, it gets linked to your account. This means, just like Scout patiently waiting for a walk, the game awaits your orders in your virtual library, ready to be installed whenever you wish.

It's simple - think of it as a library. After purchasing a book (in this case, a game), the book remains on the shelf until you determine the right time to dive into it. This is precisely how the "buy now, install later" feature works. And trust me, as a guy who constantly hears the amusing squeals of Leander and Isolde from one room while Scout is playfully biting on my shoes in another, this is no less than a godsend!

How To Benefit From This Feature

Now comes the practical part - how to relish this feature! Let me give you a quick rundown: Once you've completed your purchase, the game will appear in your library. You can access your library from the "Library" tab in the Epic Games Launcher. You'll see the list of games you own on Epic Games Store - both installed and not installed. The "Install" button would be there, eagerly waiting for your click, much like Fluffy waits for his afternoon snack. Whenever you're ready to install the game, simply click on this button, and the game will be downloaded and installed on your PC. This means you can purchase a barrage of games during a sale, secure them in your library, and you can choose to install them at your leisure later.

Do remember, downloading games does require a significant amount of data and storage space, almost equivalent to an elephant camping in your living room. So always check your computer's space and your internet data package before proceeding with the download. As much as you love your new game, I bet you don't want it to gobble up all your resources!

Making The Most Of Your Epic Games Experience

Being a meticulous planner, I often purchase games during sales or when discounts are available and keep them in my library to install later. Why should I resist a good deal, especially when I have the assurance that I can download and play the game at a more suitable time? I strongly recommend every Epic Gamer revel in this feature. Buy that intriguing game, get that massively discounted best-seller, secure them in your library, and safeguard your computer’s space and your precious time. The beauty of the Epic Games Store platform is in its convenience - the possibility to install your purchased games later is just one of the many feathers in its cap.

There's no denying, Epic Games Store surely knows how to keep a gamer's life epic. It's as "epic" as Fluffy’s acrobatic leaps or as Scout's incessant chase of his tail. It's the kind of epic that makes life easier for us gamers in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So, what are you waiting for? Get into the epic adventure with Epic Games! One word of advice though - just don't let Leander get a hold of your controller.

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