What is the best website to download new games?

What is the best website to download new games?

Why Download Games Online?

In the not-so-distant past, I remember how I stood in long queues in gaming stores, waiting for my turn to grab the newest release off the shelf. Don't even get me started on how gutted I was when the game I was aching for ended up being sold out. Thankfully, that era is almost a footnote now, as digital downloads have become the norm. A by-product of this shift has meant that websites offering game downloads are vying for our attention.

So why would one lean towards downloading games over purchasing physical copies? Firstly, it's all about convenience, folks. With just a click, you can get new releases delivered straight to your device. Additionally, there's no need to swap discs or worry about losing them anymore. Storage problems solved! No longer do your CD towers threaten to topple over. They're being transformed into cool DIY projects (trust me, Pinterest is full of them!).

Before You Download: Some Tips

Before we delve into the list of websites, I think it's crucial to go over some guidelines that I've picked up in my years as a dedicated gamer turned blogger. Not every website can be trusted with your beloved device's security or wallet. Here are some golden rules to keep in mind:

  1. Always opt for well-known, reputable sources.
  2. Check for reviews and ratings beforehand. Advanced tip: Look for reviews that focus not just on the game but also on the download experience.
  3. Watch out for websites that pester you to download additional software. It's likely a red flag.

Alright, let's get to the fun stuff now. Knowing where to look can make your download experience enjoyable and safe. Here are my top picks of websites to get your download game face on.

Steam: The Gaming Industry's Powerhouse

Steam is the gaming world's behemoth, offering a vast selection of games across multiple genres. And when I say vast, I mean it. It makes Dumbledore's office look understocked (for you non-Potterheads, that means it's stocked more than a wizard's mystical goodies). Incorporating impressive features like cloud saves, customizable game libraries, easy-to-access friends' list, and even an in-game voice chat have firmly positioned Steam on top of the gaming podium.

I can't help but share this anecdote. It's the winter of 2011, the infamous 'Steam Winter Sale' had kicked off. As a college student, it was a blessed period to get my hands on some much-coveted titles without burning a hole in my pocket. There I was, in my own little gaming nirvana, having secured Skyrim at a steal.

Good Old Games (GOG): Say No to DRM

Good Old Games or GOG is the Robin Hood in the gaming world. This platform is a dream come true for gamers with an affinity for classic games and the occasional hate for Digital Right Management (DRM). Yes, you heard right! This website offers DRM-free downloads, allowing you to play games without any hindrance. Plus, their library is an absolute delight for folks longing for a trip down memory lane.

Epic Games Store: New Kids on The Block

If you're a Fortnite fan, you're probably already familiar with Epic Games Store. Epic Games Store was launched as a direct competitor to Steam but with a promise of more exclusive titles and developer-friendly policies. In my experience, the best part is their weekly 'free games'. Checking out their offerings has now become something akin to a weekly ritual for me.

Humming Along with Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is the unique and quirky entity in this space. Their pay-what-you-want model for indie games, comics, and ebooks has amassed a loyal fan base. Their bundles also have a charity angle, which often leaves you feeling good about buying here. Another feature I love is the 'Humble Monthly' subscription service where subscribers get a mystery selection of games every month.

Xbox Game Pass for PC: Subscription Service Topping the Charts

Xbox Game Pass for PC is the Netflix of gaming services. For a monthly fee, you get access to a huge library of games that you can download and play whenever you want. New games are also added frequently, keeping the catalog fresh. It's quite something, having a gaming buffet at your disposal!

Itch.io: A Haven for Indie Developers

There was this time when I was hunting for some off-beat, indie titles to feature on my blog. A friend recommended Itch.io, and it was a revelation! Itch.io is a unique platform that allows independent developers to host, sell, and even offer their games for free. So, if you are someone who loves indie games then this website is a goldmine waiting to be discovered.

There you have it, folks. The webscape for downloading games is massive and can seem intimidating initially. However, I hope with this guide, I've been able to show you that it needn't be so.

Always remember to read reviews, check credibility, and ensure your device's safety first. Now go ahead, dive into the world of game downloads and may the odds be forever in your favor!

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